A Very Different, Digital Black Friday Our Expert Team share their advice on how you can succeed in the most competitive online market yet...

Year on year at the end of November we see flocks of hungry shoppers charging at shops in order to get the best bargain. But, with the shops in the UK closed until the week after Black Friday, there’s only one place that these magpie shoppers will be heading to in order to find their next treasure this year: The Internet.

With that being said, this year’s Black Friday is going to be an extremely competitive one with many brands extending their offers to make up for the loss they’ll see as a result of shops being shut, or to simply draw in customers with the best deal around. That’s the beauty of the internet when online shopping, you can see a product you want for one price, and quickly open a new tab and find it cheaper elsewhere. This is what makes it all the more important that you have all the right strategies in place to succeed this Black Friday…


Ultimately, if you want to set yourselves apart from your competitors this Black Friday, a good design is where to begin and is a vital way of standing out...

  • Don’t produce graphics in black like everybody else; it will only get submerged by the thousands of others doing the same thing.
  • A good design conveys trust in a customer which is exactly what you want to be instilling at this time in order to encourage them to convert.
  • You also need to ensure that all website graphics are created and ready to set live on the big day. Shoppers will be actively scanning your site to await their discounts and if you’re not ready, expect them to jump straight off and head elsewhere.

Black Friday website traffic surges year on year, but this year we’re expecting to see the highest rates of traffic yet and if your website can’t handle this, you can expect your sales to drop.

There’s lots of great techniques to ensure your website remains stable during the discounted period, from cloud servers to caching techniques and on-site optimisations to ensure you can continue to take orders no matter how busy you get. Your plugins must be up to date and secure too, to stop any malicious activity and also to keep the general speed of the site at a good level for the rate of traffic.


Ace The Automated Marketing

With the hopeful surge of orders you can expect to see, it’s a great idea to ensure that your automated marketing is setup on the website. Automatic newsletter opt in at checkout will ensure you can engage with the customer after they have purchased an item and also gives the opportunity for a set of trigger emails introducing your business and top selling products. Popups with flash offers is also a great opportunity to grab some details and ensure they are on your marketing list.

Revamp Your Remarketing

Remarketing on social media is always a great way to tempt back customers by serving them ads on products they’ve previously looked at. In the lead up to this year’s Black Friday, users are going to be much savvier, revisiting items over and over to check if they have been reduced yet. This is where your Facebook pixel and captured data will come in most handy; you’ll be able to directly target social media users with discounts and promos on specific products that they’ve had their eye on. Instead of trying to hit all your followers with one sweeping campaign and making them seek out whether the item they’re after is reduced, tempt those back that have already paid an interest, and those who are patiently waiting for that Black Friday discount to be applied to checkout.


Long gone are the days when a brand could bid on words relating to their product, like ‘Silver Kettles’ for example, and simply add ‘Black Friday’ to the end of the search term in order to attract those eager online shoppers.

As with the rest of Black Friday and brand’s approach to it, these terms are getting bigger. Keywords need to be more precise now, with much more tailored ad copy. When combined, both of these will give you a strong quality score that will help you to capture your shopper… so long as the landing page you’re driving them to corresponds to your ad.

Whether you're looking to spruce up your website or it's design, or you'd simply like to smash your Digital Marketing strategy: our expert team can help.