The Battle of Shiloh By: Logan Burnett and jacob cottEngim


The Battle of Shiloh began on the 6th of April after fort Henery fell to the confederates, and the battle only lasted until April 7th.

This battle was fought at the West Bank of the Tennessee river not far from where fort Henery was.

This battle was also known as the Battle of Pittsburgh Landing.

The Battle of Shiloh was an early engagement in the civil war and it was an important one because it opened the way to splitting the confederacy.

West Bank of the Tennessee river where the battle was fought.

The Battle of Shiloh

On April 6th the Confederate soldiers launched a surprise attack on the union soldiers and during the surprise attack 5,000 union soldiers fled.

There was a total of 110,053 soldiers fighting near the end of the battle. There was a total of about 23,000 soldiers that died, and of those were about 10,000 union soldiers were killed and about 13,000 confederate soldiers were killed.

Both sides suffered heavy losses. 😵

The Rebel flag

During the Battle general Johnston was mortally wounded so he was replaced by general Beauregard of the confederate army.

General Beaugard was a confederate general that was leading his army totally unaware of General Don Carlos Buell's reinforcements.

When Buell's reinforcements arrived the confederate army was out numbered so they eventually had to retreat to Cornith because he had already lost a lot of men.

Geneal Ulysses S. Grant


Ulysses s. Grant

He Went to public school in Georgiatown. After he grew up he joined the army and in 1846-1848 he won the Mexican American war putting him on the right track to be a great leader.

In 1846-1848 he won the Mexican American war putting him on the right track to be a great leader.

In 1862 he won the battle of Shiloh in the civil war by forcing a retreat from the confederate army.

He forced a surrender on July forth 1863, and on that same year he won the Battle of Chattanooga in November of that same year. After his win at the battle of Chattanooga, the president put him in control of all of the union armies.

Union army

Ulysses S. Grant also commanded the victories of the union army from 1822 to 1854.

Ulysses S. Grant was forced to resign from the union army in 1854. This eventually set him on the track to become the 18th president.

Don carlos BuEll

Don Carlos Buell

Fought in the second Seminole war.

His attack style was more slow, planned, and deliberate than most other generals of the Union army of the time. This caused him to be replaced by a more aggressive commander.

In 1861 he marched volunteers to Tennessee, because he was commissioned as brigader of volunteers.

When he was wounded he was put on staff duty.

In 1862 he marched to The Battle of Shiloh with reinforcements for Ulysses S. Grant.

AndRew H. Foote

Andrew H. Foote

Andrew spent most of his time sailing at sea, hunting pirates, but he also helped Ulysses S. Grant at The Battle of Shiloh.

Sadly Andrew died young.


This battle was a major engagement early on in the civil war and it was one of the wars that started to split the confederacy.

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