alcohol and tobacco tax and trade bureau Kate bothe

The current administrator for TTB is John J. Manfreda, the deputy administrator is Mary G. Ryan

Established 1789, originally called the Bureau of Tobacco and Firearms. Created to collect alcohol, tobacco, firearms and ammunition excise taxes to protect the consumer and raise money to pay off debt. The money was used to fund the civil war and several other important government needs.

Duties today- The TTB collects revenue and prevents misleading labeling or advertising of alcohol, tobacco, fire arms and ammunition.

This agency addresses market failures by taxing tobacco and alcohol, which are legal but still not necessary for life, to raise money for the government to pay off government debts.

Currently, the TTB is dealing with issues on Nonbeverage Alcohol, like alcohol fuel and which alcohols should be tax-free. Also arresting illegal Importers of tobacco products.


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