Anna Garcia's Case by heavenly SINSUN


A mysterious death occurred at 9:45 am. A woman named Anna Garcia was found dead and crime scene investigators couldn’t determine cause of death. Ms. Garcia was a 38 year-old Hispanic woman, weighted 165 and height 64 inches.

Case Evidence


  • Alex Garcia was at Anna's house the night before, his fingerprints were found on the wine glass at the crime scene.


  • The hair found at crime scene did not match Lucy Leffingwell and Eric Piedmont, it belonged to Anna Garica.

Unknown Substance

  • The unknown substance found at the crime scene was Aspirin.

Blood Splatter

  • The blood splatter found at the crime scene fell from the table at a 90 degree angle, investigators determined who the blood belonged to.

DNA Analysis

  • The crime scene investigators ran a DNA analysis on the blood found at the crime scene, it belonged to Anna Garcia.

Time of Death

  • 911 received the call for Anna Garcia at 9:45 am she had already been dead for 4 hours, corners determined she had died at 7 am.

Autopsy Report

  • The autopsy report found bruises on head/elbow, her ankles were swollen as well but no other harm was on the body.

Conclusion of death

  • Anna Garcia death was a accident, she died due to natural causes because there was medicine and vomiting. She was not feeling well which cause her to vomit, when she went to get the aspirin she tripped over something causing her to hit her head and start bleeding. Anna was unconscious and bleed to death.

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