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Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

This piece is called "Canaletto", because it was made by an Italian artist named Giovanni Antonio Canal. At a far glance or in a picture, this piece of art just looks like an ordinary sketch. If you look closely, the sketch/painting is compiled of millions of different unique lines. I thought this was very cool and you could only appreciate it if you saw this piece of art in person. I thought the technique this artist used was very striking because I had never seen something like this before. The artwork communicated to me a message about being unique and different, and it made me feel like i should strive to be more unique in this world.

Design of the Museum

This is a picture of me in one of my favorite parts of the museum. I thought it was super unique having all of the artwork in the glass pedestals. I also thought the color of the wall stood out, and that is one of the reasons this area caught my attention. I really liked how they utilized the space in this area as well, it made me feel very open and comfortable and able to look at many pieces of art without feeling overwhelmed.

Art and Core Values

This is a picture of me next to the piece of art that I thought best displayed one of my core values, success. There are many reasons why I think this picture displays success, one of which being that it is a city, and whenever I think of cities, I think of a bunch of working people. According to the author, this picture also displays a never-ending cycle of construction ad destruction, in which I think is honestly comparable to life and ones own success, because in order to reach success, you are going to have to accept that you are going to fail a few times and that you are just going to have to get back up and keep trying. This picture makes me feel inspired to succeed in everything I do and helps me better understand the cycle of success.

Art and The Good Life

This is a picture of me next to the art display that I thought best displays a good life theme. Even though it might look very cliché, it reminded me of Siddhartha. Since Buddha represents enlightenment, it makes me think that that is when one has reached a certain kind of good life. I think that the good life theme associated with this piece of art is just reaching a point in your life where you can be happy and content with everything and everyone in your life. It makes me appreciate more the concept of the good life and how it can mean something different for everyone but still have the same general concept of reaching ones own enlightenment.

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Taylor Petrie


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