Andorra Morgan Newan

In Europe Andorra is the 6th smallest nation, Wow that's small!

People here are so nice! Why don't I live here?

_______Women _____________________________________Men______

Andorrans speak the language of Catalan. Learn the language! ( the button above)
These are the main foods of Andorra they consist of fish chicken lamb and pork
Andorra’s terrain is in such horrible condition that basically nothing grows in the country all their food needs to be imported!
As you can see in the picture Andorra has a very odd terrain. This makes it hard for the economy to function because they can not grow anything.
This is the Sant Joan de Caselles church it is one of the coolest monuments in Andorra. It's located in Canillo.
This church is the jewel of Andorran Romanesque. Inside there are the remains of a stucco Romanesque Majesty.
Another landmark is Lake Engolasters. This lake has an oval shape. That is a little odd and that's what makes it special.
Andorra was and still is roman catholic.
Andorra joined the United Nations in 1993 and the Council of Europe in 1994.
The sport they play is football or soccer here's a video for an example.
The Andorran's live in houses very similar to american houses.

Andorran's wear normal clothes

the one on the left is the leader of the Andorran government.
Holidays in Andorra include March 14th witch is Constitution Day and September 8th is national day.
This is Hocine Haciane, he is a professional swimmer in Andorra.


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