The Importance Of Winter A Poem By Jenna Riggins

The winter is a special time of year

In Kansas we have snow,

And people build snowmen in the street.

Some people think that winter is annoying

And that shoveling snow is just an unneeded nuisance.

Some people talk about moving

To warmer places,

Where the sun always shines

And snow never falls.

I think that,

If those people actually moved to places without winter

Their lives would be emptier

Because without the cold,

The snow,

The days off school.

They would not enjoy the days

When the spring buds bloom

And the temputure turns pleasant.

When we are finally able to open our windows

And let the spring breeze clear our heads

From the feel of a harsh cold.

And if we always have these things

Because we live in places that's temputure

Is always pleasant

Then we never get to experience the wonder

Of finally being released from the bitterness

Of winter.

The joy of finally being able to go

And jump in the snow

And build snowman in the street

And have days off school.

The joy of then being able to look forward

to spring

To blooming flowers

To pleasant weather

To calming breezes

To open windows

And that's the real importance of winter.


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