The North Carolina Tarheels By RYAN HIGGINS

A big of North Carolina is Charlotte with about 800,000 people. However the Capital is Raleigh. It borders with Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia
A nickname North Carolina Is the Tar heel state
North Carolina is located in the Eastern Time zone
Here is a picture of the NC flag
Here are three tourist attractions in the state of North Carolina. The first is the Linville Gorge and Fall, the second is the Biltmore Estate, and the third is the Old Carolina Gem Mine
The North Carolina Campus
The State Bird
The State Flower

Up above are pictures of three famous people. A couple of them you might know. The first is the best basketball player in history, Michael Jordan, the second is the famous actor Andy Griffith, and the final is the famous Virginia Dare.

Also in our title slide that was our mascot, Ramses.


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