steam engine by nicole aragundi

claim: The invention of the steam engine was the most significant economic change in the 1800's because it changes how cheep and fast transportation of people and goods was.

how did this change affect people directly: The steam engine showed people that they didn't have to stay in one place for all their lives and if they decided to move then they would be able to come back, it wouldn't be a one way trip

how did it affect the country?: It encouraged people to move and also it made it cheeper and faster to transport goods.

evidence: from there is an article written by Joseph Cummins titled "How Did the Invention of the Steam Engine Change the Way People Worked? it states "The invention of the steam engine helped drive the Industrial Revolution, which created new jobs for people and drew them to urban centers."


Created with images by massmatt - "Staring Down a Freight Train" • Brett Jordan - "Steam Boat" • kiszka king - "Wagon" • james.thompson - "Boxes"

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