seeing the forest and the trees Summer 2021

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver

Every time I see this quote from Mary Oliver, I pause and wonder about my wild and precious life.

This year has been/is/will be significant.

We are emerging from a still present pandemic, navigating the reconnection, establishing our new 'normal', trying to hold on to the gifts and lessons we learned and hoping to shed the uncertainty and division.

For me, personally, this year truly marks the beginning of our 'empty nest'. Our youngest has graduated from the University of Oregon and is celebrating adulthood and all the excitement that brings. This feels different than when she left for college ~ a shift within me happened sometime in the spring, and I am embracing this next chapter.

I am also counting down to my 60th birthday later this year. Sixty! Somehow this is not what I anticipated sixty to look or feel like when I was embarking on adulthood in my early twenties. I must admit, it feels better than I ever could have imagined!

So ~ what I am doing with this one wild and precious life?

This year, I've embraced learning like never before.

I've always been a bit embarrassed to admit that I never attended college. I got married right out of high school, went to work and started a family in my early twenties. I journeyed through divorce, remarriage, raising four kids and working a variety of jobs that I enjoyed, but never felt fulfilled by the work I was doing.

Five years ago, my MELT Method training changed all that. Not only did I find something that was beneficial to my own health and well-being, but I discovered the 'teacher' in me. My first three certifications came within a one year span, which allowed me to start my own business and begin to do something I could really be proud of.

I had settled into my teaching routine, found a studio that I could call home, and loved growing my business. The pandemic changed all of that. The studio closed and I spent a few weeks wondering if that was it, perhaps I was done. Then Zoom classes came along and I jumped in to the virtual world and figured out how to teach online. I am so grateful that Sue Hitzmann, creator of the MELT Method, understood how important it was to quickly shift from teaching in-person to the online world we were now immersed in.

The biggest gift the pandemic gave me was the ability to now take classes and workshops from MELT Master Trainers and teachers from all over the world. Once we all figured out that this was the way things were going to be for the foreseeable future, we realized that we could learn so much from each other. I took refresher courses to sharpen my skills and I took classes and workshops to experience how others teach.

I was finally able to get my Level Three certification in MELT Performance with a three month online course. This coursework introduced me to NeuroStrength moves and techniques to bring neurological stability as well as fascial hydration to the body. MELT Performance is a groundbreaking way to improve balance, control, and performance and decrease the risk of injury. It focuses on restoring the supportive qualities of our connective tissue and improves joint stability. With MELT Performance, we add two more "R's" to the protocol to help you stay resilient, mobile and stable.

Reconnect ~ Rebalance ~ Rehydrate ~ Release + REINTEGRATE AND REPATTERN

With more confidence, I signed up for virtual courses in Integral Anatomy and Dissection, and then an 8 week course in Dynamic Anatomy. My instructor, Amanda Cizek, had a beautiful way of introducing us to anatomy using both a macro and micro lens. In other words, looking at the forest, and the trees, and sometimes the leaves.

Now I'm about to begin a 4 week Master Class with one of the world's leading experts on fascia, Joanne Avison. I was introduced to Joanne's work during my Dynamic Anatomy course and had the pleasure of meeting her during our final session. She is a renowned teacher and author, and I've just received my copy of her 2nd edition "Yoga, Fascia, Anatomy and Movement". I'm so excited to learn from her and bring new knowledge and experience to the MELT classes and workshops I teach.

Fascia is the fabric of our form - it is the Everything that we Are.

Finding my way, reaching for the sky and filling my soul with love and gratitude.

I hope you'll join me on this path to whole body awareness and health.

If 60 is years or decades away, I want you to still be dancing and hiking and loving life when you get there. MELT will keep your body feeling youthful and vibrant.

If 60 is in your rear-view mirror, I want you to know that you can move better and feel better and age actively. The MELT Method will meet you where you are and help to get to where you want to be.

My new summer schedule is waiting for you ~

What are you doing with your one wild and precious life?

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Shelley Thomas


Shelley Thomas