Forms of education in china By Milen Nelivigi

One of the main issues with education in China is the intensity of the work (Ross, 1) Although only nine years of education is mandatory (Michael, 1), many students go as far as they can with their education (Ross, 1). This reflects the ancient education beliefs of China, this being mostly related to Confucianism. Many people that agree with the ideas of Confucianism highly encourage education.,8599,2106539,00.html

The number of choices that students in China have to get education represent the Confucianism beliefs of education and self cultivation. There are many pieces of art in ancient China that depict Kung Fu Tzu (Confucius) teaching others and informing them about his ways. Secondary and tertiary schools in China not only help people self-cultivate, but also help them become a "junzi" (Michael, 1). Many students may attain "ren" during primary schooling (WENR, 1), but they can continue to work on it and use it to become an exemplary individual while they move through the education system. The same goes for Bachelor's and Master's degrees and Doctorates (WENR, 1). They help people become their best self, even if this "best self" takes a lot of intense and hard work to get there (Ross, 1).

What I have learned about the stress of the education system in China has raised a few questions, such as what they ways the students deals with the stress are, if there are any other forms of less intense education, and if there are any negative affects of this work environment. This is also a very important issue because it brings to light the very common stress that comes with being in school. This happens not only in China, but across the globe. Because it is being brought to light people can now try to solve this issue.


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