Revolution in technology By Orion Farris

Past:Industrial revolution


Agricultural revolution

-British agriculture advanced more rapidly with increased farmland, more livestock, and a better climate.

Valuable ores like iron

-iron was used as fuel when in raw material form and was used as fuel right after coal was discover as a fuel source.

Lots of wealth

-in the industrial revolution money was able to be acquired much easier for pepole beacuse of the numerous jobs that were created.

Technology developments

Better trains

-The industrial revolution was drove off of steam powered engines. and made a big turn of events for people. There were more safe ways to transport goods across seas, rail, even road.

Steam boats

-steam boats were some of the greatest inventions during this time being able to cross seas without barely any effort.

Turn pikes

-Turnpikes were created for easier transportation manly for the animal drawn wagons.

Positive and negative effects on society

Lower death rates

-More food and less people getting sick made less people dying.

Better tech

-Better tech is important so that you can have an e even better source of food and better travel.

More jobs

-More jobs lead to even better housing and food and makes things more affordable.


Child labor

-child labor during this time was not a concern but kids at younger and younger ages when they were working they should had been in school.

Bad sanitation

- bad sanitation lead to many people sick and was a problem that was not an easy fix.

Over population

-Something like over population was an problem beacuse the lack of deaths which disease spread like wild fire.

CurrenT:Modern TECHNOLogical revolution


With technology science is advancing very fast

-The advancements in science is at it current peak of perfection at the current pace it is going major things like cancer will be put to an end.

Using man made sun Farming has grown

-from big fields that only produce one thing to many smaller fields that produce several things and the grown process has been improved to make food faster and healthier.

More elements and materials made with technology and what technology is made out of.

More fuel and metals have been discovered some better then the last and some worst like the comparison of iron and plastic plastic can break very easy and iron is one of the components to make steel which is made for cars or space ships.



-an object used for looking at very small things like minerals and cells

Heat lamps

-An light that makes heat more than light

Smaller better electronics like phones

-The more complex phones are being made yet the smaller they are becoming and the more reliable they are becoming also

Pros and conS on society

Radiation poisoning

-Electronics if over used can cause small amounts of radiation over time.

Way more easy to get addicted to games and more types of electronics

-With everything being easier to get in the world today is that common house hold items like tvs and several electronics or things like gambling is so easy to obtain that addictions are way easier to obtain

People have become more lazy

-Because people now a day have stuff Automated for them it makes it to were they don't do stuff to stay fit or healthy and have became obese.

Now the pros

Less of an struggle to live

-No one has to work 24/7 and be on the clock every day just to live off of what they had people can choose to work or not and be where they want to be

Less child labor

-There is still child labor in some places but it has improved much more over the years less deaths and the kids get paid more

Better government

-the government that we have today might still have its flaws but at least it's better than it was before in the 1760s



Healthier plants

-In the future hopefully they find more and better ways to keep bugs off of plants without using pesticides.

Advanced weapons for future wars

-Even though the average AR is effective for neutralizing enemy's and protecting the United States advances in tanks and on ground unit weapons would be very helpful.

Better schools

-the better the schools the better education the students of that time will have so more job opportunities can open up and less drop outs.

Future developments in technology

Better phones

-better phones will make it more convenient for doctors and for other careers that have a hard time with the use of phones.

Advancements in food

-better foods can make healthier and more available foods so that less people will become less obese and more active.

Way safer cars

The current amount of deaths buy cars a year is 62,932,632 because ether there to old of model car or people not focusing on the road ether way there going to get safer faster and smaller.

Future pros and cons

Future prospects

-with increased bison the world would run better and have even better then ever


-to do the extremely dangerous jobs like wiping sky scrapers or bomb defusing.

Futuristic Clothes

-Future clothes will keep track of your heart beat and also if you have a medical emergency it will send people to help you before you know here's something wrong.

Now the cons

Robots could take over

-Robots if were not careful they could destroy are world as we know it.

No fully water proof clothes

-With the clothes they won't be as water proof as wanted for a long time they would probably be water resistant not proof.

People living longer

-People living to much older ages would make it to were food and water supplies would always will be made faster than it can produces and some people will starve if not to ration carefully.

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