Three Churches OK, Two really

The walk starts from Chipping Sodbury car park behind the church in the high street.

Leave the car park and enter the high street, turning left towards to war memorial - not right, up the hill!

At the war memorial, continue to follow the main road around the corner, you will pass some shops on your left, keep following the main road until you hit the roundabout.

At the roundabout, turn first left (onto St. Johns Way)

On the other side of the road, turn right into Wickham Close

Follow the road down the hill, following the left turn, on the right of the turn ( at number 36 ) is a large double garage, go down the lane to the right of it. Follow the lane to the right, over the small bridge into the field.

There are two paths in the field to the next gate, the left one is shorter, but they both take you to the same exit point.

Follow the single path to the next gated exit.

After going through this gate, take the right path around the field, keeping the small stream to your right.

Once again, through the gate, and follow the path - this one goes through the centre if the field.

Through the gate and a small field, you will now be on a surfaced lane. Cross the lane and through the gate on the other side of it.

Through another field and gate ...

Another field and gate!

In the next field, keep to the left and you will find the gate at the top left - you will be able to see the church by now.

Once through the gate, start the hill climb to the church. It is quite steep, and slippery when wet.

Outside the wall of the church you will find a plaque and a seat :)

Proceed through the churchyard and head down the road for about 30 yards, turn left on the path that passes the school, which will be on your right.

Once past the school there is a small path between a fence and hedge, go through the gates at both ends, and follow up the field towards the large tree, there is a gate behind it into another field.

The next field is quite long, you need to keep the boundary of it on your right, the path is quite well marked

Once through the field, turn right, and head up the hill

You will now walk through the Iron-Age hill fort, once through it, follow the path to the left into a slight wooded area

The path heads to the right, follow this until you come to a junction which is parallel with the house on the right, head down the hill and in to a small orchard at the bottom.

Once through the orchard, you will be on a road. At this point, the instructions I had were incomplete, and so I turned left, and followed the road back to Sodbury, however, turning right should take you to the next (3rd) church.

The walk back took me through Sodbury Common, and although not the route I should of taken, it was paved all the way with very little traffic.


All my own work!

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