Intro To Digital p1-27 "DAT BOI"

When I take photos I typically take ones that have nice lighting and edit them to either be brighter, or draw focus to another part of the photograph. Digital photography is important to me because of the artistic value photographs contain. Usually I only share photographs with close friends and family. The pictures I take are using a cannon rebel tis, or my Iphone for convenience purposes.

A phone photography project, pre-edit. Taken around sunrise close to a house, an edit I will make (hopefully) is tuning down the exposer, and cropping out that stray lens flare.
[(left) before (right) after] The first edit I made was cropping the photo so that the fountain was in the clear middle, then I adjusted the highlights, exposer, shadows, whites, clarity, vibrance, and saturation. My goal was to brighten the individual lights on the fountain, so it could create a somewhat magical feel to the photo.
[(left) before (right) after] For this photo I adjusted the highlights to be less intense, all while keeping the shadows, and blacks a tad bit lower than the original. However, I did mess around a tiny bit with clarity, vibrance, and saturation.
[(left) before (right) after] With this picture, I used the radial filter to keep all the edits past the street lamp’s lights, and then I darkened the area outside of the circle by tampering with the clarity, and contrast to attempt to make the shadows look nicer. I also cropped out the trash can and the other items out of the photo.
[(left) before (right) after] I first cropped the slackers out of my photo, and then used the radial filter to create a sort of darkness around the fountain, without disturbing the light around the fountain (most of that contained bringing down the exposer, removing highlights outside of the fountain)
[(left) before (right) after] The edits in this photo was, lowering the saturation, vibrance, shadows and whites. While also messing with the highlights, and the clarity to attempt to give it a sense of blandness, however some items on the desk kept their bright colors.
[(left) before (right) after] first I cropped the photo so you could only see the sound booth, then I adjusted the clarity and light to make it less warm and more natural.
[(left) before (right) after] For this photo I took it in Av mode and that (somehow) made the light to all appear to have a yellow tint, such as the exit sign that was originally red (as they typically are). Anyways, during the editing process I altered the contrast and clarity majorly, while I hardly touched the whites, shadows, highlights, blacks, vibrance, and saturation.
[(left) before (right) after] I am also not very proud of this photo, and I only made little edits rather than drastic changes.
[(left) before (right) after] I cropped about from a foot away from the ladder and back, keeping the ropes with only the blue lights. I then lowered the vibrance, clarity, blacks, shadows, highlights, and exposer to expand on the dark and lonely vibe of the cropped section. I then adjusted the contrast and the whites to add onto the general feeling of the photo.
[(left) before (right) after] Although I am not extremely proud of this photo, I edited as best as I could. I made the backs and shadows very low on the sliders, al while I barely touched the other basic settings.
[(left) before (right) after] Adjusted the exposer a little bit (around .3%) to allow the blue light to pop out more, then I added high contrast, lower shadows, and highlights, and bumped up clarity to +28. After the basic edits were done I cropped the photo, then used the radial filter to the far right part of the box to lower clarity and create a more natural feel to the photo.

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