Sarah Grisamore Artist | Musician | Optimist | Christ Follower | Lover of Kale and all things healthy | Adventure seeker | People are my inspiration | children have my heart

Hey there class mates, I'm pretty excited about this next semester and hope you are too! I figured I'd start by giving you a little background info on me and my journey. I'm 21 years old as of last month, woot woooot! I come from a family of ten kids....yes, TEN kids. All from the same two parents. I have three older brothers and six younger sisters. Not all of them are in the above picture but you get an idea, I'm the one on the far right. I moved out to Denver from KC, Missouri right after I graduated high school in 2014. A scholarship to Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design brought me out here but after a semester there, I realized it wasn't for me. I tried online business school for a bit and then decided to take some time off of education to grown and learn what it is that I truly want to do with my life. I'm currently planning on getting my associates through RRCC then transferring to CU Denver and earning my degree in marketing and advertising while minoring in nutrition science. Since moving to Denver I've built up a clientele of 5 families that I nanny for, sell my art on the side and occasionally work as a brand ambassador for companies that I love.
My favorite thing in the world is escaping to the mountains with friends. Hammacking, camping, cliff jumping, hiking, and getting lost on long car rides through the mountains. All with the company of great friends of course. These are the things I live for!
Art has been a passion of mine since a young age. I grew up as a very awkward and shy kid so for most of my life, art was the only way I could easily express myself. This is one of my latest pieces, I hope to break into the art world and start utilizing my art skills to make a greater profit.
If friends need a wedding singer, they know I'm their girl. This was January of last year, don't let the smile on my face fool you, I was shaking in my heels. I'm still working on the stage fright part. I also lead worship at my church here in Denver and hope to release an EP in the next couple years! Random fact...I'm deaf in my right ear but luckily that doesn't effect my singing.
So pumped for this semester, I can't wait to have a better understanding of our economy. I think I'm mostly nervous about how time consuming I anticipate this class to be on top of all my other classes. I work a lot so I will have to become a time management beast! I'm a little nervous but mostly excited. Good luck class! YOU GOT THIS

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