A Collection of Poems by Luana Vasconcelos

Morning sun

Woke up to the sun

Warm like the coffee I sipped

It felt like summer

Autumn day

Lovely autumn day

Fallen leaves everywhere

Wind blowing my hair

Night sky

A sky full of stars

none outshined by the brightest.

It so warms my heart

that I’m able to witness

such wonder on this cold night

Painting the Sky

I can paint the sky

but what colours can I choose?

Which rules must apply?

Which limits can I refuse?

Should I pick white, red or blue?

Silver Night

Nights may be dark but

the sky remains a perfect

canvas where I can

paint silver stars to brighten

my world, our hearts and your smile.


Writing poetry

is like finding beauty in

most ordinary

things such as tea cups and hugs

or colourful autumn trees


Created with images by rkarkowski