Paper Towns John Green

Quentin and Margo are the main characters in this novel and film. They have been neighbors for what seems all of their life. They were partners in crime when they were little up to high school. Then that is when Margo had become popular and almost what seemed as too good for him.*&imgrc=xVFMxM7bqmDsLM:

One night Margo comes to Quentin's house and knocks on his window. When he awakens she tells him she needs his car and for him to come with him because they were going on a mission. The mission was to pull 11 pranks in one night because her boyfriend had been cheating on her and her best friend knew about it. Because of this she wanted to get revenge on all of the people who knew and hurt her. Although in the book it says 11 pranks, the movie only contains 9 real pranks. One of the biggest pranks left out in the movie is the fact that in the novel the last prank is breaking into Sea World, but leaving without getting into trouble. "Also, I have to do eleven things tonight, and at lest five of them involve a getaway man" (Green 26).*&imgrc=WitpckihCZZzbM:

When Quentin and Margo complete all of the pranks they go their separate ways and Quentin awaits seeing her the next day at school. When he arrives the next day he waits and waits for Margo to arrive. The day was over and she had never showed. Quentin along with Margo's so called ex best friend had began to worry about Margo and where she had disappeared to this time. Lacey had approached Quentin in hope that he would know where she was because when a prank was pulled on her last night she saw he was with her. "Margo left often enough that there weren't any Find Margo rallies at school or anything, but we all felt her absence" (Green 94).

Radar (Left) and Ben (Right)*&imgrc=tFzHQ-dHdGrhMM:

Radar and Ben are Quentin's best friends. Here they are leaving school to go search for clues to discover where Margo has disappeared to. In the novel Quentin, Radar, and Ben don't go to school at all and in fact Quentin makes himself purposefully throw up to get by with staying home. Every time Margo disappears like this she will leave clues for her family so that they know where she possibly could be. In the book they kept the same concept of leaving clues. They also kept the biggest clues which was the vinyl cover in the window and the note in the door hinge. One big difference was in the book Margo's parents were very angry and said that they were going to change the locks so that when Margo returns home she will not be able to enter in the house and continue to live with them. In the movie the parents are not even really shown and they do not threaten to change the locks.*&imgrc=bzhkoB8db_Z6cM:

After Quentin and his friends find a lot of the clues they set out on a road trip in hopes that they can find Margo. In the book everyone goes on the trip except Angela who is Radar's girl friend. In fact Angela gets a whole lot more screen time then she did in the book. In the book the group has graduation and is in a rush because Margo is only going to be in Agloe for a certain time before she leaves but in the movie they changed it to then being in a rush because Radar and his girlfriend want to make it back home in time for prom. So the graduation and time crunch because of Margo is not included in the film adaption. "I had twenty-one hours and forty-five minutes to get there. I printed the directions, grabbed the keys to the minivan, and locked the front door behind me" (Green 238).*&imgrc=J9eoj8cq5xuuaM:

In fear of missing prom the rest of the friends leave Quentin and head back home. But Quentin wasn't giving up. In fact he ended up finding Margo walking down the street. In the novel Margo is found in a barn and not on the street. He was so relieved but she on the other hand was a little confused. She was surprised that he had put all the clues together and come to find her. Quentin then found out that Margo wasn't looking to be found. She just wanted him to know she was safe. They say their goodbyes and Quentin heads home.*&imgrc=lPeJ-hlfSw1OXM:

When all of Quentin's friends had left they showed up in time for prom. So to end the movie perfectly it showed the whole gang dancing to songs together as the ending scene. this obviously does not happen in the novel since there was no prom but instead they did the graduation.

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