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Anne Geddes was born 13 September 1956 is an Australian-born photographer, currently living and working in New York. Her books have been published in 83 countries.

She is still alive and is currently 61 years old and has two children.

Geddes talked about her difficult early years at their family cattle farm in Queensland, Australia. She dropped out of school at 17 and left home. Later she met and married Kel, and moved to Hong Kong in 1983 for his work in television.

She taught herself photography using a pentax K1000 camera. Returning back to Sydney she started in baby photography after using photographs of her two daughters for a family Christmas card proved popular

she is also an author, clothing designer, and very successful businesswoman who was born in Australia. She is known for her unique photographs of babies. She usually portrays them as flowers, small animals, fairies or fairytale creatures..She chose babies as her subject because of her love of them.

Geddes created her own philanthropic program named "Geddes Philanthropic Trust". Focused to raise awareness of child abuse and neglect Her philanthropic work has been very successful. In 2013, she created a series for the survivors of Meningococcal Disease. The photographs depict families and children that have been affected by the disease and honours those who have survived.

A typical sitting takes place in the morning when the babies are well-rested and lasts about half an hour, otherwise the babies get too bored or fussy. She sets up her studio in advance—props, lighting, cameras and equipment—so that all the baby or babies have to do is sit.

Geddes started a small studio and in 1988, her image of a little girl in a tutu became her very first published photo when it was printed in a local magazine. She received a great deal of attention for this photograph and that is when she decided on having a career in a unique style of children’s portraiture.

She produced the “Cabbage Kids” calendar, which was associated with the Child Protection Trust in New Zealand, and found a ready market for these charming pictures. By 1991, her husband had decided to quit his job as a TV program director to run three companies associated with his wife’s photography

For baby portraits, she uses medium-format digital cameras that produce about 110MB of image files. For her personal flower photography, she uses DSLRs.

Placed 1st in two sections at the AGFA Photokina competition, among other photographic awards and accolades, was awarded a Lifetime Membership in the Professional Photographers of America Association and received an Honorary Fellowship with the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers (NZIPP) in recognition of her unique style of photography and her success.

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