What I Missed This Year the chronicles of borrowed time

If there is one thing I have a hard time managing, it would be my time. It seems the harder I try to make every minute count, the more I find myself doing unexpected things. Of course there is always work; something that can rob you of more precious time than you care to lose, but as far as the rest goes I just feel that this year was a whirlwind of chaotic uselessness. I missed so many things because of so many other things. I feel that I missed out on things that I value greatly, at a high price. Have you ever thought about the difference between "price" and "value"?

Don't judge a book by its cover.

In 1986, Texas gem dealer Roy Whetstine was pawing through a Tupperware bowl of cheaply priced rocks at a mineral show in Arizona when he came across a lavender-gray, potato-size stone that looked a bit special. “You want $15 for this?” Whetstine asked the amateur collector. “Tell you what,” replied the collector. “I’ll let you have it for $10. It’s not as pretty as the others.” Whetstine walked away with the world’s largest star sapphire, later valued at as high as $2.28 million! He planned to sell his 1,905-carat bargain in its uncut form for $1.5 million and put the profits in trust for his two sons, each of whom had given Dad $5 to bring back a little something from the gem show (Newsweek [11/24/1986], p. 75).

Hidden worth.

In this case, the value of this gem varied between the buyer and the seller because the seller wasn't aware of what that dirty old rock was worth. He took for granted that its appearance represented its worth. This is what happens to me I believe, I take for granted those things in life that, at the time, seem somewhat mundane and plain. Then I'll trade them for those things that I feel hold more value. I spend 12-18 hours a day at work instead of coming home to spend time with my sweet wife because I feel like it will pay off in the long run. So "thing missed #1" would be all of the time I missed out on with the most amazing gift that God has ever blessed me with, and time spent is time spent absolutely. I can never reclaim the moments we could have shared or the memories we could have made because I put more value on something that was worth less. New Year Resolution #1 - I will give my wife the husband she hasn't had. I will value her at her worth, which is far above rubies.

A love I don't deserve.

Speaking of worth, how unworthy am I of the things God has done for me? Completely. The last several years have been an incredible time for me spiritually, God has wrought things in my life that I could have never imagined. This last year though has found me slacking in my duties as a child of God. When the Bible speaks of reasonable service, it speaks of nothing less than all we can do to serve Him, and I can't truthfully say that I have done that. So "thing missed #2" would be the opportunities that would have strengthened my walk, and better pleased my Savior. The world in which we live today leaves a man with less and less room for error, making it more and more necessary to be able to handle all of its stress and heartache better. New Year Resolution #2 - I will not put the necessity of living for Him behind anything else, or anyone else. The great thing about this would be the fact that my wife would rather have me no place else than at the feet of Jesus, for I can't be the Godly husband she desires from any other place.

Gotta have it.

Although there are many aspects of life in which I lack, the last "thing missed" this year that I would list would be the peace that comes from knowing what is ahead. Through all of the uncertainties that come into our lives each and every year, we can know that it will be worth it after all. Keeping our eye on the prize is the embodiment of our hope in Christ, and that is a hope I will not miss out on any longer. New Year Resolution #3 - I will look ahead, past any current trials of life and anything else I may face, to the prize that is set before me.

Not the wish kind, the sure and steadfast kind.

I think sometimes when we hear "have a prosperous new year" we forget what that should really mean. Not that there is anything wrong with having financial peace (so I hear), but all in all we should want ourselves along with others to prosper spiritually in this new year. There is much value in the three things I listed; their worth far outweighs what it will cost us during our short time here.

#1 - There is much value in the LOVE we show others.

#2 - Jesus died to pay the price that created our object of FAITH.

#3 - What we HOPE for will be worth any sacrifice we make here on earth.

Happy New Year everyone!

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