PAINTING SIV my first finished stab at painting an oil portrait

I visited my mother to take a series of reference photos, then edited, cropped and decided on what to keep. I then did some sketchwork, using an ipad pro, apple pencil and the app procreate. To get a sketch going I added a scanned paper structure as background. Since I own the reference photo I took the fastest route and did a quick trace for the proportions instead of side by side sketch. When sketching this, my aim was to get acquainted with the subject, more so than making a sketch I could show off in a portfolio.

On to paint, 2018 is the year I'm learning to paint. My first set of oil colors is a set with Winsor & Newton Winton oils. It's the student grade and by now I can tell, it is hard to get nice vibrant flesh colors with them, especially when doing washes. I'm still fumbling a bit in the dark when it comes to mediums, I find it frustrating that so many different sources give contradicting advice and leaves it all up to "see the outcome for yourself" down the line when it comes to varnishing and aging. Anyways, I started off with a grisaille.

Doing this was a nice brush up on values, but I did no pre studies and ended up with a cold under painting that I had to fight every step of the way during the color process. The most important lesson I learned on this one is that when transitioning from digital to traditional, smaller studies and experiments is a huge time saver.

The approach with adding an under painting and making layers of washes on top suits me. My next project will be to test out a limited Zorn palette with high quality oils colors to see if I can get an á la prima workflow going. During these first stabs at painting with oil colors I had an immense help from some artists contents, Haidee-Jos book vibrant oils took me through some of the need to knows and Andrew Tischlers youtube content was a great help. So, here's the finished painting, cheers!


Malin Grön

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