Police They need to be questioned

How are police leaders?

Police are leaders in many forms because they enforce the law to keep order and safety. If we do not abide by police rules, we could be charged or face a series of consequences. Most of the time, police help make our world a safer place; however, sometimes they are in the wrong. Many officers in America have been accused of racism or being bias. Movements like Black Lives Matter occur because of such inequitable interactions with police. Police have the power to do a lot of good in our community; but with great power comes great responsibility. Police can hurt humans.

This Picture was used by the black lives matter movement after the shooting of two unarmed men in Ferguson. Many believe they were shot by the white officer due to their skin color. Nothing was confirmed to be true.

Why should they be questioned?

Police should be questioned for many reasons.

1.If police are questioned it will help them improve. We can question them on things that we believe they are doing wrong this helps them realize that they can fix these problems. There is a huge problem on racism. If police stop being biased against other races they will get into fewer problems and the crime created by rebellion groups like Black Lives Matter will stop.

2. We need to question police because we can hold them accountable to their answers. Many police can lie and over use their power. If we question them they cannot lie.

3. We need to question police because they can innovate from our questions. Police officers can innovate on how they can react to situations differently.

Black live protest in New York due to mass police shooting.

4. Every subject has opinions police are believed to know everything but truly no one is perfect. When questioning them they can learn from us and realize their mistakes in their opinions.

5.Some police tend to exploit their power showing their opinions as facts. If we question them they will not use their opinions as fact and will realize there is always more than one side to the story.

6. We should question them because they can teach us about their jobs and laws we need to follow. Learning what we should not do will lower the rates of things like people speeding. Education of law is key to lowering crime rates.

Lastly, questioning is essential to improvement because trying to improve alone is almost impossible. Many others see our mistakes before we do therefore they can help us improve. Questioning people can help them progress as people and can help police progress too.

The Black lives matter movement mock death protest of the shooting of Micheal Brown in the Ferguson shooting.

Police. Are they Improving?

As police are being questioned more by many people around the world they are improving. Many police officers are still corrupt, but the number of corrupt officers has lowered. By questioning leaders they are improving the way they work and the way they teach. If police officers teach newer officers to not be corrupt we will have a corrupt free law system.

American Army getting ready to stop a black lives matter protest.


Police officers are changing the way they use their power and the way they look at the world. Without police, our world would be crazy. Police are not bad leaders but we need to question them due to their huge power.


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