Lifé and suck it will.

January, 1993. Dreadful day. A soul was brought into this vile, unforgiving world. A soul that has never asked for such punishment. It is seen as a blessing, a child, but does it really view its life as one? The cruelty of parents to bring children into this hazardous wasteland, these scorched plains filled with nothing but rotting carcasses of social normality and the rancid smell of conformity. We are told to be different yet forced to be mindless zombies that should stick to a normal pattern in order to achieve some sort of success, success based on nothing but a framework of sub-standard arbitrary rules that these spineless creatures (read: human species) cannot even commit to. Shit. It is totally appalling how we are brought into this godforsaken cesspool to slave and suffer because we cannot seem to perform to standards that are not even applicable in...anything normal really. The youth is not the youth anymore. The youth is not allowed to be youth anymore. The youth is oppressed by these standards and how do we respond to such malignant shit? We enforce the same, bullshit standards on the next person we see walking down the street. "You need to have 2 cars by 25." "You need to have properties in the Maldives by 30." Lifestyles are not even a choice anymore. Fuck your lifestyle right? It is absolutely fucking stupid how we cannot live life the way we want to. Parents bear down on us. Our peers bear down on us. We are too quick to see shit elsewhere and suddenly expect everyone to be like that. We are all not offspring of some billionaire somewhere in Russia getting his cock sucked by the hostesses in his (her - that non-binary shit...whatever) private jet. We are all not talented in the ancient arts of using body movements to entertain a (apparently quite bored) crowd of drunks and air-headed idiots - well, its not like we have level-headed idiots right...right? (read: sports). So we basically cannot all have the same damn life. Some want to be skaters, others dancers. Some lawyers and other strippers (we support this). At the end of it, we are all stuck on this huge, round piece of poodle crap and we all have our plates full of this shit so please o' great and powerful humans, we certainly do not need any more shit from Back to the story at hand, I just hate the fact that I was born into the crappy world, I mean c'mon mother, Earth of all places?! Mars is not even inhabited, there is so much room up there to have raised this bastard of a son without anyone being judgmental and all prissy about it. Butt (just had to) fuck it, I am here and I pretty much cannot change that so to all newborn cute babies out there, fuck you all and welcome to Hell.


See this fucker's face? Life. Life is one little bitch. Bitch bitch bitch. Excuse my French, I never took classes.
Created By
Thabi Kuswani


Photo Credits: Some really fucking dope photographers somewhere out there.

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