RememberYouBy Directed by visuals

In this Visual we are going on a musical journey thru the ages with Chante. We will visit the late 50's/60's Motown Era. The 70's that original soul era and we will of coarse show the present. In each one of these eras Chante Morre will perform. We will capture all 3 eras along with fascinating beauty performances in a controlled environment withmaculate lighting. We will utilize green screen to put us in those different eras along with wardrobe, hair, and makeup.

In the 50/60's Chante will be apart of a group similar to the Supremes. Chante and the 2 back up singers will dress the part and really give us that Motown look a feel.

In the 70's look Chante has the Afro, or braids something very sheek that represents that black beauty from that era. Her background singers have the beautiful look as well. The final era is present day. Chante and her background singers are just as beautiful and regal as the other eras in the present day setup.

After capturing memory lane we will capture some solo master performance and beauty shots of Chante. These will be shot in the same studio environment utilizing the white and black back cyc walls to capture these beauty shots.

50/60's look
70's look
Current look

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