U.S. Made From Immigration

  • To deport the illegal immigrants would be to kill the U.S. economy. The greatest number of undocumented workers - 1.3 million - were employed in leisure and hospitality, 1.1 million These two sectors were followed by professional and business services, which is not a sector often associated with unauthorized employment but includes nearly 1 million undocumented workers. There are about 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., so imagine 11 million people out of the workforce. It would take years to get the construction sites and everything else back to normal, by that time will be looking like a developing country.


  • When we think about unauthorized immigrants, we tend to think about poor Mexican workers with low education in agriculture. In other sectors, they're highly trained, highly paid professionals, so their removal has a pretty large effect. Undocumented workers are responsible for about 3 percent of the U.S. economy overall. Deporting all of them would result in a substantial decrease. Trump has argued that removing immigrants will benefit U.S. workers who compete with them for employment. Most economists who have studied immigration have found only minimal effects on native-born workers' wages, and one recent review of the research concluded that those most negatively affected by immigration are immigrants already living in the country, who tend to be most similar to the new arrivals in terms of education and skills and so compete with them most directly.
  • The U.S. would need major changes to the country's immigration system, including deportation on a major scale, that would require congressional approval. Many lawmakers in Congress favor less-radical measures, including House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, who supports eventual legal status for those here illegally. If we get rid of all the undocumented workers then the U.S. would fall right down with them.


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