Healthy Computing By: Kendal engel

Your child should have the correct chair when they are sitting and playing on the computer. By sitting in a chair that is too big for them can cause them to have to look up at the monitor and they could have neck pain. Also you should make your child take breaks from the computer after playing it for a certain amount of time.

computer keyboard

When you are playing on the computer good posture is key. When on the computer you need to have a chair that is good for your height, feet touching the ground, and the computer at eye level. When you are a child you need to put a pillow underneath of you and your feet need to be touching the ground so, you could use a stool.

When on the computer you need to check the position of the computer so you are not looking up all the time and have good furniture that does not cause pain. Also you need to have a regular computing area and you need to manage your time on the computer.

desk with a nice office chair

If you are using the computer for hours on hours you can get hurt. You could have a lot of pain, loss of sensation, muscle fatigue, reduced performance, and tingling. This could cause you to quit many of the things you love.

main hurt from being on the computer for so long

If you have a computer work space you need to make sure you have an adjustable keyboard. If an adult and a child play on the same computer the keyboard needs to be adjusted to their height. The keyboard should be up a little so kids aren't having to look done at the keyboard.

computer mouse and keyboard


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