Inhale. Exhale. Draw: For Your Well-Being

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis or need immediate support: Call the 24/7 Penn State Crisis Line at 1-877-229-6400

About: Inhale. Exhale. Draw. for Your Well-Being

Inspired by Dr. Bill Doan’s exhibition, The Anxiety Project, community art boards will create an opportunity for reflection and expression. The Penn State community is invited to respond to prompts through drawing, and/or written word. Through artistic expression, we can process and share our experiences and perspectives, create a sense of community, connect with our common humanity and cultivate the wellbeing of the larger campus community. Visit the exhibition in HUB Gallery or Online.

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on-campus submissions
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Participate through March 19.

Locations: HUB, Collaboration Commons University Library, Webster's Café and online.


Dr. Bill Doan | The Anxiety Project

January 16 – March 14 | HUB Gallery & Online