Below you'll find a few snapshots of the work I've created to support the connection, understanding and collective sense-making of the of some of the amazing people I've had the opportunity to collaborate with.


Live Graphic Recording

The planning team leading the UN Summit wanted the graphic recording to be more than a summary of the panel discussion. They wanted the visual to be a call to action that would inspire and empower their audience to be fearless in their work and to embrace the complexity that comes with it. Key themes from panel were captured in ways that highlighted remarks that would would inspired & empower. The visual was then shared in a letter by the Deputy Secretary-General and Chair of the UN Sustainable Development Group (UNSDG) to UNSDG Principals as they reflected on their collective achievements in 2019.


Live Graphic Recording

Brooklyn Defender Services offered a training for public defenders across the nation to learn together about ways to drive transformative change. My role was two fold: One was to capture the presentations of speakers in ways that supported participants learning and help them think about new ways to leverage their expertise to drive systemic change. The second one was to provide easy to understand and compelling visual documentation that participants could share back with their own communities.


Live Graphic Recording

One of the goals in most gatherings I am part of is to foster relationships and trust among the participants. Through my work I seek to make people feel heard and seen. I scribe with humility and care, attending to diversity and difference, while also doing it in ways that help people see the resonance between their experiences and ideas and those of others.


Live digital recording projected on Zoom

At times creating something that evokes the energy of the presentation or conversation is equally as important as the content that is captured.


Engaging, participatory, with elements that foster creativity and connection was the goal & focus of my role. To accomplish that, different visual approaches were used for this virtual retreat:

  • Pre-made visuals such as values, agreements, and frameworks
  • Participatory templates that break-out groups could use to organize their thinking and share back
  • Live digital graphic recording of group plenary reflections projected at the end of the conversation

Behind the scenes work was anchored in planning, collaboration and a trusting relationship with lead facilitator which translated in a seamless and powerful experience for participants and an enjoyable experience for us.

Power Map Visual Tool

Knowledge Translation

After their strategic retreat, the organization wanted to ensure the work they had done was not lost in a stack of post-its or long reports. They were looking for document that would integrate their content in ways that would be accessible, easy to grasp, use and share to continue their strategic work post-meeting.

From the compilation of post-its and in collaboration with client, a Power Map visual tool was developed in studio.

Conceptual Chart

Knowledge Translation

Client was looking to make some of the resources and information she was sharing in her book more engaging and meaningful for readers

Conceptual images were paired with content to both evoke the key messages and support the understanding and retention of content. Work developed in studio.

Conceptual Illustration

The team was looking for an Illustration that could communicate the core elements and areas of practice of their program in way that felt approachable and had a human element to it. Visual was developed in both English and Spanish

I'm a visual facilitator and strategic illustrator focused on supporting & collaborating with visionary organizations who are up to transforming this world into an equitable one where we all thrive.

I use visuals as intentional tools to foster the connection, understanding and collective sense-making needed to move us towards transformative change. As a witness and scribe of people's ideas and truths I work with humility and care, attending to diversity and difference of race, gender, ability, language and power in ways that seek to support a more equitable world and disrupt dominant/oppressive narratives. I also hold fostering creativity and making people feel heard and seen through my work as an important and healing part of it.

Originally from Mexico, I'm based in Brooklyn NY.

To learn more drop me a note at: Claudia@ontherightmind.com