Best Practices Customer Experience

"Pick the call immediately"- Make it a habit for yourself to respond to any incoming call and chat immediately as it gives the Consumer, a firm belief that there is always someone to help.
"Speak Clearly and be confident in your speech"- Clear conversation helps Consumer to understand what you are saying and develops a trust that you have understood the issue.
"Use 'MAY' instead of 'CAN' always"- Choose words like may or please as a request. Never use word like 'Can' as they sound like you are judging the capabilities of Consumer.
"Avoid Dead Air"- A continuous conversation helps both sides to understand each other and issues thus making the call lively.
"Avoid interruption"- Its always better to listen to the Consumer first so that you can understand it clearly and then act accordingly.
"Share Useful Resources"- Its always a good practice to share any information resource to consumer related to the issue as it will help to understand the workflow better.
"Respect is key"- Always show respect to the Consumer by using words like 'Please' and 'Thank You' in your conversation.
"Proper Documentation"- Making a proper documentation help you and Consumer to archive the issue resolution. Never use CAPS or abbreviations.
"Honor your Commitments"- Do what you say you will do. If you offer a guarantee, then you must honor it: it you say you’ll respond to emails, respond to them.
"Turn Setbacks into Solution"- Ensure that you treat every complaint as an opportunity to make your organization better.Be the voice of Consumer.
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