The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt at the Constans Theatre Jasmine Cornileus

The Spatial Experience: Entrance to the Auditorium of Constans Theatre

As I entered the auditorium, I felt very excited for the show to come. The piano placed outside of the auditorium doors set the mood of creativity, music, and drama associated with theatre. Upon entering, I was met with the image of hundreds of red seats, facing a stage beautifully decorated with an amazing set. My assigned seat was not ideal, as I was placed in the far corner, but, I came to love the spot for its close proximity to the stage. When the lights dimmed, I felt anticipation, and then suddenly actors emerged from the corners, some right next to where I was sitting. In the Good Life, place is important because it can set the mood or expectation for somebody. If they are in a place that inspires emotion and excitement, they will feel this way, and so on.

The Social Experience: I attended the performance by myself, but I actually had a great social experience before the play. I was seated next to two very social girls, and we all talked before the beginning of the performance. We discussed many interesting topics such as majors, expectations of the play, museums, and more. It was a great experience, and it was interesting to connect so well with people I had just met. This shared experience gave me a great memory of this performance, and added to my happiness and excitement of being there. In the Good Life, shared experiences like this can really alter the memory or emotions associated with an event. They can affect past and present outlook, as my outlook for the night was positive since I was sharing it with such great people.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The performance really opened my eyes to a few issues that have plagued humanity for centuries, and continue to do so. In the play, I witnessed how fear of the unknown can poison people and others, how it can inspire such cruelty. It also portrayed bias and judgement, made through ignorance and again, fear of the unknown. Finally, I witnessed how one's actions can ruin the life of another to the point of permanent damage. I can connect to the performance in the sense that everyone was experiencing some kind of suffering, and how that suffering correlated with how they viewed their lives. It was interesting to see that even Sarah Bernhardt experienced some kind of suffering, although not as intense as the other characters, she too was not fully satisfied with her standing in life. It just showed that all that glitters is not gold, and one can have everything - love, money, adoration, and still not feel as if they are living the good life.

The Emotional Experience

The play really emphasized human nature, the need for more, greed, love, temptation, so many emotions and states associated with our daily lives. It provided katharsis as it gave us a chance to really have a look at how we think and act. It gave us insight into how one can be truly selfish and evil, almost as a wake up call, in the most weirdly entertaining way. The play was very emotional, and I believe that it touched every person in that audience in a different way, and also, may have calmed them as well, as they watched the confusion and craziness of a little piece of life right before their eyes.

Me, before the performance


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