The endocrine system By.zachary

The function of the endocrine chemically control the various functions of the cells tissues and organs through the secretion of hormones.

What is the function of the organs of the endocrine system they all do the same thing.they transfer from one side to the other.

What are the major organs and body parts with the endocrine system.pancreas,thyroid,pineal body

What are the minor organs and body parts with the endocrine system.pituly glands,abrande glands,hypothaeds.

What the diseases are with the endocrine system?type1 and 2 diabetes thyroid cancer.

What causes the disease? Diabetes:immune system destroys cells in the pancreas which makes insulin.thyroid cancer:they don't know what causes it.

How can it be prevented? nether one can be prevented.

This is the end of my presentation.


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