GOOD LIFE PLAY BY: Hiya Chowdhury

This Photo was found on google and it was put online by the Virginia Tech School of Performing Arts.

The Spatial Experience

A photo of my own play book from the play

The setting is a very essential part in any story and play. The Constans theater is not an extremely large theater, it was a somewhat small theater that made me feel somewhat calm. In bigger theaters the hustle and bustle of the other watchers can sometimes make me feel anxious. When the light went dark my feeling of calm completely morphed into a feeling of anxious anticipation, which had me on the edge of my seat from the get go. While the actors were performing I felt like I was fully immersed in the play and that I was actually there with them instead of just watching them, which I credit to the size of the theater, adding to this was the fact that my seat was right next to the stage so it felt like I was seeing everything firsthand. Setting is an important part of the good life, because if you're not in a place where you feel comfortable and can mentally prosper then you won't be able to find the epiphany that changes your life.

The Social Experience

A picture of my friend and I outside of the theater

I attended the play with a friend of mine from my good life class. On the way to watch the divine we didn't really do much to prepare, for most of the walk we reminded ourselves and each other of the mound of homework we had to do after the play ended. Going to the play with her didn't really do much to enhance the play because as soon as the play started I completely forgot about her and everyone else in the theater and became entranced in the performance in front of me. I feel like shared experiences are somewhat important, but to really get the meaning of what you're doing or watching you need to be on your own mentally.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

A picture of the play from the shaw festival

The play was set in the early 1900's when child labor was still a thing that happened and when the church played a very big role in the government. There are many themes in this intricate play, some of which are the importance of theater and art, the role of the church and what goes on inside of it, and finally the horror that was child labor. Coming into the play I didn't know much about any of these subject matters, since I've never had to deal with any of them before, so they didn't really relate to any part of my life. But after watching the play my nonchalance over the topics was obliterated, I couldn't ignore them anymore and the play made me realize how horrendous these events were and how they should be given more importance.

The Emotional Experience

A picture of the divine from the shaw festival

The Divine forced me to realize the horrors and pain that people will swallow and keep inside to make others happy. This play made me realize that just because keeping my emotions within myself makes others happy it doesn't mean anything if I am suffering. This play taught me to be honest about my experiences and that coming clean, even to one person, can lift a huge burden off of my shoulders.


The pictures of my friend and I and the UF playbook was taken by me.

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