Abc's of Africa By: Joanna Ramirez

  1. "A" is for Africa. Africa so happens to be the second largest continent in the world. Africa was once part of the largest super continent called Pangaea that shaped the Earth.
" B" is for Benin. Benin was a kingdom that began in the 900's. Benin was one of the early kingdoms that became rich in trade and participated in slavery.
"C' is for China. China so happens to be Africa's top trade partner.
"D" is for the Dogon Tribe. They're known for their religion. The Dogon country is Mali's major tourist attraction.
"E" is for Ebola. Ebola is a virus that can cause server bleeding, organ failure, and even death. This virus started in Africa and later on made its way around the Earth.
"F" is for France. France is in Western Europe and Paris is it's capital. France had conquered Africa around 1990.
"G" is for Germany. Germany is a western European country and Berlin is it's capital. Germany conquered Africa around 1990.
"H" is for Handicrafts. Africa produces remarkable ranges of arts and crafts.
"I" is for Islam. A religion of the Muslims, a monotheistic faith revealed through Muhammad. Islam is practiced throughout Africa.
"J" is for Jungles. Africa's Jungles are home to some of the biggest and dangerous animals.
"K" is for the Kalenjin tribe. They belong to the Nilotic ethnic group. They inhabited much of what is Rift Valley Province in Kenya.
"L" is for Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria is a lake named after Queen Victoria. It also happens to be one of Africa's great lakes.
"M" is for the Mali Empire. The Mali Empire was in West Africa from c.1203 to c.1610. The Mali Empire was one of Africa's early empires.
"N" is for the Nile River. The Nile River is a major north flowing river in Northeastern Africa. It also happens to be the longest river in the world.
"O" is for the Oromo tribe. The Oromo tribe is an ethnic group inhabiting Ethiopia. They're found in Northern Kenya and Somalia.
"P" is for Portugal. Portugal is a Southern European country and Lisbon is it's capital. Portugal conquered Africa around 1990.
"Q" is for Qur'an. It's the holy book of Islam. The African people use the Qur'an to practice Islam.
"R" is for the Red Sea. The Red Sea is a sea that boarders along the Northeast of Africa.
"S" is for salt. The people of Africa use salt to keep their food preserved. Salt was also good for trading.
"T" is for trade. The people of Africa used trade to get goods from other places and people.
"U" is for unsuitable soil. 90% of Africa's soil is unsuitable soil. This means more than half of Africa's soil can not be used.
"V" is for villages. Villages give tourist first hand experience on Africa's traditional ways.
"W" if for Wine. Africa's vineyards have been producing wine. Wine lands are set in magnificent cape mountains.
"X" is for Xhosa Uhadi Bows. Its a traditional African instrument.
"Y" is for Yao. Yao is a Bantu language in Africa. It's a language spoken to communicate with others in Africa.
"Z" is for Zulu. Zulu is a large Bantu group in Africa in Southern Africa. They mainly lived in the province of Kwazulu.


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