Hydra Alex clark-Clark_13-Mage-Raid 4

Hydra is an organization from the Marvel Universe that wants to control the world. This organization has roots all the way back to ancient times. This villain has its fingers in everything from the German Nazis, to government agencies (S.H.I.E.L.D.) of the United States.

Hydra as similar ideas to that of the Nazis, which has ethics that were "a racist version of new-Darwinism" (Weikart 195).

One of Hydra's main attributes is that they cannot be killed. Looking at the Greek Hydra, it is a monster with many heads. When you cut off one head, 2 more take its place. This is the motto of Hydra. Overall Hydra is a villain that as many real world roots, including terrorism and the Illuminati.




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