Meet the Snowa family #underthemagnolia

In your opinion, what makes Magnolia Green stand out?

The sense of community in Magnolia Green is the number one advantage of living here. We felt so at home right from the start! The physical beauty of this wonderful neighborhood is such a plus, too. We walk almost everyday, so we enjoy the sidewalks, landscaping, and street lights. We comment daily how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful community. We will never cease to be amazed at our good fortune to live here! We joke that any day now someone is going to knock on the door and tell us our good luck is up!

What is your favorite social event in Magnolia Green?

Our very favorite social event is the weekly summer Market. We love browsing the foods and crafts. We always come home with our bag full. Seeing neighbors browsing, too, is such a plus. And those donuts...

Why did you choose Magnolia Green?

The perfect floor plan and lot for our home made the decision to move here feel just right.

Describe Magnolia Green in one word