Snakes By Tom

Snakes eat large birds, bird eggs, sheep, geese, fish and small mammals.

Snakes are legless lizards. Their scales are made of the same material as our fingernails. The Hognose, Grass Snake and Spitting Cobra fake death when feeling threatened and let out horrible gas so no one wants to eat it. The Reticular Python is the longest snake, it grows to 10 metres( 33 feet.) The smallest snake is 10cm long called the Thread Snake.

Snakes smell with their tongue and eat prey bigger than their head.

There was once a snake called a Titanoboa that still is the largest and longest snake 60 million years ago.


Created with images by Uddmor - "snake snooping summer" • asim chaudhuri( - "finished eating..." • GlitterandFrills - "Green Snake" • Ryan Somma - "Titanoboa"

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