The Unfinished Quilt Paula perrins 2018

Responding to the subject of ‘Votes for Women’ in the centenary year of the passing of the Representation of the People Act 1918 which gave the vote to some women and all men in the UK. The Unfinished Quilt acknowledges the discriminatory nature of this and other suffrage bills and the ongoing journey towards full equality for women worldwide.

Using English Paper Pieced Patchwork, the work represents the need for diverse societies to come together in a common purpose to achieve gender equality for all. Taking the form of a timeline, historical gender discrimination and women’s fight against it are explored with images held within the fabric of the work.

Collected fabrics from different countries and historical eras combine the colours of the various international Women’s Suffrage organisations attempting to fade out to full equality in the fullness of time.

“Struggle continues. We still have a lot to do.” Linda Matar, 90, Lebanon.
If you don't fight for all women, you fight for no women.
Created By
Paula Perrins

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