by passion blea- young. fashion designer.

  • what is it like to be a fashion designer?
  • how much money they make.
  • how long are the hours for them?/how long they work.
  • what do you need to know about a fashion designer.
  • how you use math in this job.
  • colleges that offer this job
  1. Baylor university
  2. Blowing green state university.
  3. Albright university
  • how much they get paid per year
  • did you know?
  • why there is models in this job.
  • more facts about this job


Created with images by ractapopulous - "woman fashion art" • Bea Serendipity - "ghee fall14 teaser 4" • ractapopulous - "girl umbrella lollipop" • 3112014 - "fashion show fashion catwalk" • 3112014 - "fashion show fashion catwalk"

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