Florida Museum of Natural History Good life nature activity

Nature on Display: As I walked in I was immediately drawn to the beauty of the exhibit. Everywhere I looked, I was surrounded by green and natural lighting, and as I looked around I saw pops of bright colors from either the flowers or the butterflies. The sound of the running water of the waterfall quickly soothe me and made me even more relaxed. Through a one on one interaction with the butterfly garden, I learned more about what the butterflies were acted in nature, rather than just seeing an image of then and hearing how they moved in nature. It also allowed for me to be able to see what kind of environment the butterflies thrived in. I felt as if being able to be one on one with them allowed me to learn much more than just reading about it. I found my experience at the museum to be so enjoyable, because it was truly beautiful. I loved being able to walk through and see all of the different species of butterflies and truly be immersed into their environment.

Nature and Ethics: As a person who personally hates going to zoos because I feel as if the animals are treated horribly, I actually enjoyed going to the Florida Museum of Natural History. Instead of dominating the land and providing the butterflies with an unjust habitat, I felt as if the habitat was perfect and created a lovely environment for the butterflies to live in. It taught me how to admire and respect the nature around me rather than feel the need to conquer it. As I walked through I felt really good about the environment around me, instead of feeling pain for the animals. Others around me seem to appreciate their surroundings just as much as I did. I felt fully connected to nature due to the abundance of plants, the waterfall, and the flowers blooming all around me. I felt as if the museum truly made me appreciate my ethical responsibility to nature.

Nature and the Human Spirit: The Natural History museum allows us to step out of our ordinary lives, because it allows us to step into something so much greater, which is nature. It transports us into a fully natural world where we are surrounded by butterflies which we so rarely see in our daily lives. When we step into the garden, we are completely and fully surrounded by all things beautiful. This helps us understand that in our world there is so much more than just human beings and what we create. Outside of our daily lives lie nature, and the only way for us to appreciate it is by conserving it.

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