Forsyth Virtual Student REgistration (Summer 2020) Registration timeline for summer 2020: 3.1- 5.29

Summer Semester Dates

The FVA Summer semester starts 6/3/2020 and Ends 7/17/2020!

Student Registration

To Register for FVA Summer Courses, you must access the Forsyth Virtual icon through classlink and follow the directions below.

*Students who are not currently enrolled in a Forsyth County Schools are not eligible to take classes via Forsyth Virtual

Summer Registration Window

To register for a Summer Course via FVA, applicants must do so between 3.1.2020 and 5.29.2020

Summer FVA Course Offerings

Health (.5 Credit)

Personal Fitness (.5 Credit)

Government (.5 Credit)

Spanish III (Full Credit)

**NEW!!** Introduction To Digital Technology (Full Credit)

Summer Course Cost

.5 Credit: $247.50

Full Credit: $495

General Summer FAQ's

If I am a rising 9th grader, do the Health & Personal Fitness courses taken during the summer count for high school credit?

The grade is recorded on your transcript and counts towards graduation requirements.

Grades from courses taken prior to entering high school are NOT calculated into the high school GPA, which would include summer school courses. (This is the same scenario as taking High School Physical Science or Spanish I as an 8th grader.)

Can I take online courses if I am traveling/on vacation?

Absolutely! If you have stable internet and access to a capable and reliable device, you can take your online class from anywhere, at any time!

What is taking an online course like?

Students will access their courses via itslearning and will generally be assigned work on a weekly basis.

Do I need to log in every day?

Yes! You need to participate daily and also frequently communicate with your teacher. Having a dedicated work schedule/routine is important!

Are the courses self-paced?

No. You will have assignments with strict deadlines each week. Due to the condensed nature of summer school, it is important to stay on pace with the teacher’s posted schedule and work on assignments daily.

What happens after I sign up?

Once your fees have been paid, you will receive a confirmation of your signup. Approximately 1 week before class begins, you will receive an online orientation guide via email so you are ready to begin on June 2nd!

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