Herman B. Wells Library A Look Inside - Fi Kilgore

University students complete assignments in the reference section of the library. Even though school is out for the summer, they are still working diligently.

The Wells Library holds millions of books for everyone to access

Employee talks with supervisor while working in the Scholars Commons. "I got my PhD in history, which tends to lead towards a particular subject matter," he said when asked why he chose to work here. "This allows me to explore history from a broader perspective."

Pictured are a collection of the New York Times Theater Reviews. Grad student Mijeong Lee says, "I'm currently writing my dissertation and I usually come here with a friend so we can sort of keep each other accountable."

A view from the east side of the library

Students Neil Patel, Katie Eutzer, and Eric Dietrich continue schoolwork through the summer months. They enjoy sitting outside in the sunlight and warmth.

The Herman B Wells Library helps many students and staff to find answers to research questions.

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