''Carrie Underwood'' by Laura La Bella November/December 2016 AR Biography Activity

" It is located on the southeastern edge of the Great Plains, approximately 70 miles southeast of Tulsa. " (page 8)

Based upon the context clues, the word "approximately'' means close to something or close to correct.

"Underwood was especially close with her mom, and her only childhood conflict with her arose during the few instances in which her mother served as the substitute teacher in her class. "I stuck my tongue out behimd her back once," Underwood told Velvetrope.com in an interview. " I got told on." (pg 10)

Based upon the context clues, "conflict" means to be in a fight.

"In addition to awards for her music, Underwood has landed lucrative product endorsement deals, doing print advertisements and television commercials for everything from Hershey's chocolate to SKECHERS sneakers." (pg. 39)

Based upon the context clues, the word "lucrative" means moneymaking or profitable.

"It received very little country radio airplay and, as a result reached only number 53 on the country music charts. But this was hardly a setback for Underwood." (pg. 33)

Based upon the context clues, "setback" means a reverse or defeat.

" The song was eventually certified gold by RIAA and two times platinum by the CRIA. While the song was very popular and ended up being the top- selling song of the year in the Billboard charts, it was shunned by country music for being too pop." (pg 33)

Based upon the context clues, "platinum" means selling less than one million CD copies.

" I decided to sing "Before he Cheats" because I think that everyone has a 'mean series,' and the character in the song has very large one." (pg 34)

Based upon the context clues, "series" means to have a streak.

" Because of this intense airplay, the song debuted at number 39 on the Billboard Top 100, setting a record. It became the first single from a new artist's debut album to hold the number 1 spot for over six consecutive weeks." (pg.34)

Based upon the context clues, "Billboard Top 100" means the 100 top hits in the US.

"Underwood's third single was a significant departure from the songs she had relased to date. It also raised some eyebrows and cause a bit of a stir." (pg 37)

Based upon the context clues, "significant" means important; of consequence.




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