Women's Roles Caleb's Crossing


“Bethia, why do you strive so hard to quit the place in which God has set you?” (p.16)
“Master, all my life, the one thing I have yearned after is an education of the kinds thatis closed to me by my sex. My father stopped instructing me when I was nine years old. He did not wish me to learn Latin or Hebrew, and yes, as I think you know, I am a fair way upon the path with both those ancient tongues. I have don’t this by listening an ear to the lessons of others.” (p.239)


“Your path is not your brother’s, it cannot be. Women were not made like men. You risk addling you brain by thinking on scholarly matters that need not concern you. I care only for your present health and your future happiness. It is not seemly for a wife to know more than her husband.” (p.16)


“It is your destiny to be married to a good man from our small society here, and I would do you no favor if I were to send you to your husband with a mind honed to find fault in his every argument or to be better in his every particular.” (p. 17)
“It is no small thing to be a beloved wife, to keep a godly home, to raise sons of your own…” (p. 17)
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