Good Life Nature Activity at the FLMNH By Hope Saunders. My Trip to the FLMNH, was an inspiring experience, which reminded my of how beautiful our earth is ,and how lucky I am to be a part of it.

Nature on Display. One exhibit that was particularly appealing to me was the 'Age of the Mammal' exhibit. This exhibit was well designed and spacious with a pit in the centre contain the remains of various animals. Surrounding these skeletons were descriptions about what type of mammal it is and when it became extinct, including various facts about it. I found this section particularly interesting because I am a big animal lover, and found out many new things about animals that I hadn't known before. I found out that the largest mammal ever, the Indricotherium which was a type of rhino that lived 35 million years ago. It was 16ft tall , just under 3 times my height! Looking at the skeleton of this enormous beast, really conveyed its strength , and helped me understand why they arent around now due to a huge difficulty feeding something that big . Its all well and good looking at photographs of animals, but its even more powerful viewing their skeletons in person! The most enjoyable thing for me about my experience at the museum , was having the ability to look back into the past and imagine how much we have evolved since then. It was also nice learning new facts about the world around us, and why we must protect it! Another fun fact I learned was that the noun 'sloth' means preference to avoid activity, which explains a lot considering sloths are lazy, slow moving creatures.
Nature and Ethics. After viewing the extinction exhibition , I thoroughly believe that we as humans must make it our mission to care for our environment and the animals which inhabit it, as we clearly aren't making a conscious effort considering there is 99.9% failure of species survival rate. This is really sad considering we evolved from animals and now show so much disrespect towards creatures of our own kind. Animals do so much good for our planet, and without them we too would eventually fizzle out. As I went through the museum, I was constantly reminded by nature's beauty and that i must try make more of and effort to preserve it! It was clear to me that I was not the only one who felt this way , as watching little kids run around in the butterfly museum in awe, really enforced the power of nature on not only adults but everyone. Definitely after my experience in the museum , I do agree with Leopald that we all must 'Love, respect and admire the land'.
Nature and the Human Spirit. Wow, just wow. I have never experienced something so beautiful in my life, after visiting the butterfly reserve. It was an incredible experience standing in the garden with butterflies all around me , flying undisturbed harmoniously. During my time there, I was in my own bubble, appreciating the beauty of nature and my surroundings, taking me away from any worries or struggles I had been dealing with beforehand. The butterflies reminded me that although life may be a rollarcoaster, there is also so much to be thankful for. I now understand why Walden found such tranquility and power in nature, as I was trapped in the moment relishing the experience. My exerience in the natural history museum , reminded me of how much I love the outdoors, and that from now on I should try spend at least a half hour alone in the peace and quiet of sunny florida, as it really allows you to relax and helps you overcome any obstacles your day may throw at you.

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