Juror 7 (junior Eric Adams) and Juror 2 (junior Erin Muirhead) discuss baseball before beginning to focus on their jury duty.

"This is one of the only actually humorous parts of the play," Adams said. "We're mostly serious throughout the entire show."

Senior Kristen Nease (Foreman), junior Taya Randle (Juror 12) and senior Anniston Weber (Juror 10) get into a minor altercation during the jury process.

"I like being able to act out during this scene," Nease said. "My character is usually pretty static, so it's nice that during this part I get to kind of explode."

The Foreman of the jury (senior Kristen Nease) addresses the jury members.

Senior Anniston Weber (Juror 10) angrily looks on as senior Jordyn Dake (Juror 11) talks about the trial.

Junior Eric Adams (Juror 7) complains about being stuck in a jury room, saying that he would rather be at a baseball game.

Senior Kristen Nease (Foreman) holds a diagram of the apartment building while senior Maddie Crees (Juror 8) discusses one of the eye-witnesses accounts.

While going on a hate-filled, bigoted tangent, senior Anniston Weber (Juror 10) angrily addresses Juror 9 (senior Rachelle Lumpkins).

"This is my longest line in the entire show," Weber said. "It's very near two pages in length. It took me forever to memorize, but I think it's going really well."

Junior Ryan Will (Juror 3) becomes enraged at a "not guilty" vote.

Senior Madison Crees (Juror 8) comforts junior Ryan Will (Juror 3) after an argument with the jury.

In an intense 'demonstration', junior Ryan Will (Juror 3) aims his knife at senior Madison Crees's (Juror 8) chest.

"Some nights I'm actually genuinely afraid that he might stab me," Crees said. "But we've done really well, no accidents so far."

Juror 4 (senior Eric Rorstrom) and Juror 9 (senior Rachelle Lumpkins) settle a problem within the case.

"12 Angry Jurors" takes the stage March 16 - 18 at 7 p.m. in 12th Street Auditorium. Tickets are $4 in advance and $6 at the door.

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