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Lake boat practice training with Twang, MaryAnn, Jenna B and Kerrie in the captain's chair.

Welcome to New Pups in Training

Savvy, Border Collie in training for HRD with Jenna B.
Border Collie, Henry in training for live find/evidence with Meighan.

30th Anniversary - flash back!!!!

This is a photo of Paul Olmstead (Retired EPS officer and SAR manager) and MaryAnn during her certification test in the '90s.

Recent Re-certifications...

Jenna, Ivy and S/Sgt. Tom Bechthold after a successful recertification in human remains detection in May 2019.
Shoke, Jenna S and S/Sgt Tom Bechthold following certification for Live Find in June.
Dave, Che and S/Sgt Tom Bechthold after their re-cert in July.
Kim, Remy and S/Sgt Tom Bechthold after their successful certification in human remains detection.

Also re-certifying after a year Leave of Absence, Cathy and Vie in Live Find. (Sorry but we didn't get a photo!)

Candlelight Vigil for Missing Persons

SARDAA member Jenna B is employed as a trainee Funeral Director and as such she organized a touching candlelight vigil and butterfly release in honour of missing persons August 25. Relatives of missing persons attended along with Connelly-McKinley staff and several SARDAA members and their SAR dogs.

Left photo- (l-r) Lucy and Molly, Joanne, MaryAnn and Yoyo and Twang, Meighan and Henry, Jenna with Savvy and Ivy. Right photo (l-r) Lucy and Molly, Aimee, Nicolas, Joanne, Casey-Lee, MaryAnn with Yoyo and Twang, Jenna's daughter Finley, Meighan and Henry, Karen, Jenna with Savvy and Ivy, Ruth, and Jenna's husband Eric.

Billy Sharphead, missing since 2003.

Billy Sharphead poster

Get Ready in the Park (GRIP), May 2019

Once again SARDAA participated at GRIP for City of Edmonton emergency services.

EPS mascot Barney and Che at GRIP.

Reminder - C2C SAR Conference

Register for the up-coming SAR conference at the site shown below. The conference theme has a focus on disaster work and our own MaryAnn Warren will be speaking about Disaster SAR dogs.


Tick Tips

Microbiologist and author Jason Tetro wants people to protect themselves (taken from The Edmonton Journal):

  • take a look at the Government of Canada's tick surveillance webpage - canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/lyme-disease/surveillance-lyme-disease.html - to find out if your area is at risk.
  • when outside, wear long, light-coloured protective clothing and tuck pant legs into socks or boots.
  • always use a repellant product containing DEET such as Off! or Deep Woods Tick.
  • After being outdoors, check your entire body for ticks including under the arms, inside the belly button and in and around the hair. Check your clothing, gear and pets for ticks.
  • shower within two hours of coming indoors and throw clothing in a dryer on high heat for 10 minutes.

Team Photo - 2019

L-R - MaryAnn, Michelle, Jenna S, Daven, Jenna B, Dave, Charlene, Zara, Cara, Mark, Cathy and Lisa Dogs - L-R Ivy, YoYo, Parquetta, Jake, Twang, Sohke, Che, Milo, Cinder, Shado, Beakr, Zane, Vie and Zero. Several other team members were unable to be there....
Yoyo, Stephen, Zara and Cinder, Dave and Che, Lisa and Zane and Zero, Steve and Shado, Cara, Kin and Remy, Steve and Zoeker.... August 2019

Congratulations are in order for Kate and Jenga and for Jenna S and Sohke for passing their Associate Disaster testing. Next level to come.

Members of the Edmonton Fire Rescue Services attended a SARDAA sister team practice in August.

SARDAA Stuffies!!!

SARDAA ordered SAR Dog Stuffies and they sold out quickly. We only have a dozen Black Labs left. If you want one, contact the editor immediately. $20. They will soon be all gone forever!!!

SAR Dogs who have recently passed away...

Retired SAR dog Aussie.... he loved his ball.

Aussie's owner/handler Dawn wrote - Aussie Forever grateful. No regrets. Monday August 5 we said goodbye to our best friend, Aussie. He passed away peacefully in a shady spot in the yard. Many of you had a chance to experience his love of life. Maybe that was his lesson to us…it’s not the capture... it’s the thrill of the chase! We will miss him forever.

Parquetta at age 11.

Parquetta was trained in human remains detection. She was 'one of a kind' and a character. Recalcitrant to the end, she did things her way. We finally came to an agreement about her search technique after many struggles. I learned a lot from her about training difficult dogs. In the end, she was an excellent HRD dog and had a significant find at Kitscoty, AB; the perpetrator was eventually jailed. She was 14 years of age when she could no longer get up and down the stairs... she was a tough old bird; trust her to last as long as possible! ... Michelle

Coaching the Canine Athlete Seminar

SARDAA is organizing a seminar with Dr. Chris Zink, Coaching the Canine Athlete. This is a seminar that will be of value to anyone with working/performance dogs. Dr. Zink will cover topics including - canine structure and its importance for performance, conditioning, and jump training. Register at - https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/coaching-the-canine-athlete-tickets-63779889366

Edmonton Police Serives recognizes volunteers at Appreciation Dinner in April.

EPS held an event to recognize its volunteers. SARDAA was included in the festivities and attended to receive a plaque in recognition of our volunteer years.

Michelle pictured middle receiving a recognition plaque from Chief of Police Dale McFee.

Special edition Doberman SARDAA Stuffy (vest and collar were pinched from one of the Mals)!

Editor's privilege !!!
Editors note – Scent Dog News is produced by the Search and Rescue Dog Association of Alberta. Submissions are welcome but are subject to approval and editing. Editor – Michelle Limoges; Email – udcdoberman@shaw.ca

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