Falling to Fashion

Some people can be a little disheartened when they wake up to the cool chill in the air and realize the time of mini dresses and tank tops is coming to a close. Dress codes and bleak weather discourages many from wearing a staple summer piece, the crop top. But fear not, there are many solutions to keep this warm weather favorite available even as the temperature drops and the stacks of homework pile up.

Photos by: Megan Van Buren

Modeled by: Quinn Mahoney

A pair of baggy overalls with a crop top can instantly turn a summer top into a more unexpected fall look. They are comfortable, and allow for a break from a standard jeans and a tee-shirt look. Additionally, they provide an extra layer on a crisp fall day.
Put a crop top under a mini dress for a more comfortable, dressed-down look. This is the perfect outfit for working on homework at a coffee shop or meeting some friends for lunch.
High-waisted jeans are a great choice when transitioning to a fall wardrobe. Pair them with a patterned statement jacket and a tube top for an eye-catching look.
On a warmer fall day, a pair of denim shorts partnered with a crop top and an open flannel is perfect for a football game. If it’s still too warm, the flannel can always be tied around the waist to cool down.


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