Trip to Rabat The old city of morocco By Bryce and Hayden P.5

Welcome to my morocco project where me and my partner will tell you how it was there and other facts about it.

Morocco Map

This is the map of morocco and where Rabat is located.

Moroccan dirhams.

This is map to where if you fly from Indiana(I live here) to Morocco is about 4,306mi. from plane.

Access to the front of palace

back of the palace intrense

The old cannon in front of the palace said to be 1,800 years old.

Creative aspect

Advertisement...Come to Morocco where we have many beautiful sites and good prices for your stay. Come visit the royal palace and check out the ancient history behind it. Example:the the first leader was Muhammed the first and he was the one to create the palace. Also check other tourist attractions like the national park also when your done with all that come check out or food including

Fish Chermoula

Harrier(witch is a type of soup)


and Mint Tea

So come and visit and you get a free tiger key chain with a Morocco flag just call 188-010-MOC and you can come visit. hope i see you there. love,morocco

Phrases you would kinda need for this trip

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Hayden Campbell

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