Ulna and Radius Bones and Muscles

The Radius and Ulna bones are connected between the elbow joint and the wrist. The radius is connected to the thumb side of the wrist. It's also on the outside or lateral side of the elbow. The radius is bigger and longer than the Ulna

DESCRIPTION: Long bone, prism like shapes, and slightly curved longitudinally.

STRUCTURE: A long narrow medulla cavity is enclosed in is strong of compact bone.

The Ulna is on the inside, or the medial side, of the forearm closet to the body. The bony part of the arm which some people think as the elbow is the tip of the Ulna.

STRUCTURE: The long narrow medulla cavity of the Ulna is enclosed in a strong wall of cortical tissue which is thickest along the intercourse border and dorsal surface.

Both Radius and the Ulna are connect the humorous bone of the upper arm the elbow joint. The elbow provides rotation of the lower arm through twisting of the Radius and Ulna. Normally the Radius and Ulna are parallel to each other but during pro nation (the rotation of the lower arm) the radius rolls around the Ulna at both the wrist and elbow. So in this position the Radius and Ulna appear crossed.

Muscles of the Radius and Ulna

The muscles that connected to the Ulna and Radius are the Triceps/

Your Ulna and Radius are more commonly known together, as the forearm. Your forearm can crack slightly or shatter into many different pieces. The broken bone could stay straight or could break as to where some shards of the of the bone stick out through the skin. This is called on open fracture and it needs immediate medical attention or it can became infected. It takes a lot of force to break the Radius or Ulna and is more commonly broken in adults than children. When you brake your Ulna or Radius it usually a force directly to the foresrm The Ulna is typically broken more than a the Radius and it usually takes a direct blow to do that. It takes about 6-8 weeks to heal.

Ways to heal your broken bones faster is if you are a smoker you should stop because it alters your blood flow. You should eat a well balanced diet because when your healing a broken bone your body requires more nutrients than normal. For proper nutrients eat foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin D. When you are doing sport check and see if you have plenty of calcium and vitamin D in your diet.

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