Poverty How has poverty impacted Native Americans throughout history?

How is life for Native Americans before Europeans?

The lives of Native Americans before European invasion would be doing their own thing because they didn't have to worry about anything in their way. They would live in tribes and just hunt for their survival.They would spend their time hunting, defending themselves with stone tools they would create. Some tribes would be living in the east and the south until they started migrating towards the west. Some of the Native Americans would settle in the Carolina's. Soon they settled mostly in South Carolina. "This Woodland tradition took root among Indians in the Carolina region. Many Woodland people planted crops such as sunflowers, corn, pumpkins, squash, and beans and built permanent wooden homes. Nevertheless, Indians in the Woodland period still relied primarily on hunting, fishing, and gathering. Among the enormous variety of animal resources available, deer was a primary staple, providing food, clothing, blankets, and tools made of antler and bone"(http://ncpedia.org/american-indians/before-europeans). Native Americans planted their own crops. They would live the way they are. They wouldn't go to the markets. Markets wouldn't exist then. Native American didn't depend on anybody else but themselves and their tribes.

How is life for Native American's today?

The lives of Native Americans today is cruel and sad because many of Native Americans are living in bad conditions and living in poverty. Some of the Native Americans are not employed so they are not earning any money to provide for themselves and their families. About 8 out of 10 Native American men are not employed.Many of the men are earning below poverty wages. Native Americans that are living in poverty in reservations is even greater. " The disparity for American Indians living below poverty on the reservations is even greater, reaching 38% to 63% in our service area"(http://www.nrcprograms.org/site/PageServer?pagename=naa_livingconditions). Some of the Native Americans are drinking and that is what causing them to not get jobs and be in poverty. There are a lot of Native Americans that do not have homes and are homeless. A lot of Native Americans also have health problems which causing them to die and just really bad health issues. The people that have health issues don't go to doctors so it is very dangerous for them.

What should our society do today to help Native American's out of poverty?

What the society should do to help the Native Americans out of poverty is by creating charities because the charities will help provide some supplies that would be very useful to them. There are charities that help Native Americans. Partnerships with Native Americans is a nonprofit organization that likes to help the Native Americans with poverty. This organization helps Native Americans that are living the reservations. This organization likes to give goods to the people in reservations. This organization likes to send goods to any reservation. They will ship the goods. They just wanna help out giving a better living quality to the Native Americans. "Both monetary and product donations increase the quality and quantity of goods that NRC provides and support a greater impact on quality of life for the Native Americans we serve" (http://www.nrcprograms.org/site/PageNavigator/aboutnationalreliefcharities). Making charities to help Native Americans is a great way to start. Solving things can help Native Americans a better life if poverty isn't their case because poverty is causing Native Americans to cause some crimes as well.

How can Native Americans get themselves out of poverty?

Native Americans can help by getting themselves out of distress because it is the main thing that is causing Native Americans to be in poverty. "Poverty is closely related to social distress. Impoverished persons are more likely to be engaged in underground economy, use drugs and alcohol, which, in turn are highly associatied with violent crimes, domestic violence, and high crime rates" (http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2013/10/06/breaking-cycle-poverty-and-crime-indian-country-151430). What this quote is showing is that the Native Americans are choosing alcohol and drugs. It seems that they are choosing that to get their mind out of things that is happening in their lives at the moment. A way to get them out of this is by helping them find jobs. "Federal Indian policies, and tribal governments need to meet the challenges of providing college education for tribal youth, achieve market sustainability, provide jobs to tribal members..." (http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2013/10/06/breaking-cycle-poverty-and-crime-indian-country-151430). The government should start providing education and jobs for the tribal members. It's the only way the Native Americans can help themselves is by stop drinking alcohol and doing drugs and start looking for jobs and or the government start making school for education.

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