Tai Chi and Qi Gong With TEACHER VIOLET LI

Are you looking for a way to stay active, stay connected, and boost your immunity in these times of "social distancing"? Check out our free, virtual Tai Chi class offered specially for the Webster University community.

Classes lead by expert Tai Chi teacher Violet Li.

a 12th generation Chen Style Tai Chi (Taiji) Inheritor, certified Tai Chi instructor, an In-door disciple of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, and certified Heart Zone Trainer

Tai Chi has been shown to have great health benefits, which include reducing stress and anxiety and boosting immunity. Let's stay healthy and connected as a community in these unusual times!

Bio: Master Violet Li is a 12 Generation of Chen Style Tai Chi Inheritor and award-winning Journalist on Tai Chi & Qigong with a global readership of 40-some countries. She has taught thousands of people both locally and nation-wide and trained over several dozen instructors. She was also an adjunct professor of Mass Communications at Webster University.

Events sponsored by the Confucius Institute at Webster University.


Free Virtual Tai Chi Lesson during International Education Week at Webster University, Nov 19, 2020

PREVIOUSLY RECORDED Free Virtual Tai Chi Sessions, June 2 to July 02

Session 10 - 7/02/2020

Session 9 - 6/30/2020

Session 8 - 6/25/2020

Session 7 - 6/23/2020

Session 6 - 6/18/2020

Session 5 - 6/16/2020

Session 4 - 6/11/2020

Session 3 - 6/9/2020

Session 2 - 6/4/2020

Session 1 - 6/2/2020

PREVIOUSLY RECORDED Free Virtual Tai Chi Sessions, April 9 to May 12

NOTE: Watch All Videos to practice and master previous lessons. Previous sessions are dated and begin at the bottom of this page.

Session 9 - 5/12/2020

Session 9 - 5/7/2020

Session 8 - 5/5/2020

Session 7 - 4/30/2020

Session 6 - 4/28/2020

Session 5 - 4/23/2020

Session 4 - 4/21/2020

Session 3 - 4/16/2020

Session 2 - 4/14/2020

Session 1 - 4/9/2020

Thank you all for your participation!


Created with an image by Qingbao Meng - "Body Grassland in Yili,Xinjiang,China"